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  • n. Alternative spelling of paleontologist.

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  • n. A specialist in paleontology.

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  • n. a specialist in paleontology


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  • Henry is a polymath: an erudite palaeontologist as well as author, editor and science-fiction buff.


  • If you get the chance, read about the work palaeontologist Charles Dolittle Walcott did in the Burgess Shale at what is now Yoho National Park: Walcott and his team placed explosive charges into select portions of the Shale to loosen rock for fossil collecting, and they backed off for lunch after setting it off to wait for any slides to subside.

    In focus (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • A palaeontologist/geologist will be joining the Jewels of the Arctic trip, which visits Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland, to share his knowledge of volcanoes, fjords and rocks.

    Sea change: 10 quirky cruises

  • Others can be found in younger deposits, but those have been put there by geological processes and are actually much older, said Tyler Lyson, a palaeontologist at Yale University.

    'Last dinosaur' fossil adds weight to theory that asteroid wiped out creatures

  • The accuracy of Einstein's theories of relativity, Crick and Watson's double helix structure of DNA and plate tectonics were all revealed this way, though no scientist would admit these discoveries are the last word, as the palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould once pointed out: "In science, 'fact' can only mean 'confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent'," he admitted.

    Science and truth have been cast aside by our desire for controversy | Robin McKie

  • I know several scientists, my wife included, who really detest being described as “boffins” by the tabloids, and who point out that “dinosaur scientist” uses more letters, more space and is less accurate, than “palaeontologist

    Tabloid speak « Write Anything

  • A new fossil bird has been discovered in China, named Confuciusornis feducciai after the well-known palaeontologist.

    Fossil Feathers

  • In his book Future Eaters, the palaeontologist and biologist Tim Flannery writes of the growing realisation of the unique way nature works in Australia.

    Jillian Burt: Australian Animals in Contemporary Art

  • I doubt that critics pondered realism when reviewing a romantic farce about an heiress, a palaeontologist and two errant leopards.

    Uncomplicated froth

  • On August 23rd the palaeontologist and biologist Tim Flannery will be speaking.

    Jillian Burt: The Concept of Reuse Is Regenerating the Arts and Culture in Australia


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