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  • Were it not for neo-orthodoxy as a popularly recognizable movement, the term paleo-orthodoxy would be an oxymoron.

    The Ivy Bush

  • The term paleo-orthodoxy (paleo means "primitive," "ancient") is employed to make clear that we are not talking about neo-orthodoxy, a particular movement within twentieth-century Protestant theology that actually was far more attached to assumptions of modernity than is postemodern paleo-orthodoxy.

    The Ivy Bush

  • When he graduates with a B.A. in paleo-geology, he applies to grad schools that will take the paleontological training for Masters/Ph.D. Grandson has his heart set on Alberta, which happens to hire a lot of UNC-CH grads in this program …

    An Adult in the Playroom

  • We do not have enough long term paleo-climate data to make any definitely conclusions about global warming.


  • Nor are the "paleo" - records of CO2 "for the past million years" questioned, even as "paleo" - temperature records are completely discredited as being the fraudulent work of politically motivated hacks at the East Anglia CRU.

    American Thinker

  • All of the properties ascribed to the “reptile brain” are actually occurring in what McLean (the inventor of the reptile brain canard) called the paleo-mammalian brain or limbic system.

    Slay That Green Dragon

  • In fact, prior to Trent Lott's idiocy, most conservatives I know would have assumed it did not exist at all-except among the fever swamps of the so-called paleo-Right.

    Civil Rights and the Conservative Movement

  • Yeah, I am one of those disaffected now so called paleo-conservative.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Novak on GOP Woes:

  • RE: #21 – attempting here to recall a paleo course that is in my own deep paleo …

    A few inconvenient truths « Climate Audit

  • “Liberalism” today is protectionist and isolationist just like Conservatives of Old: just like Pat, and the so-called paleo-conservative movement.

    An Interesting Editorial « Whatever


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  • "Experts in early humans dispute some of the tenets of latter-day paleos, including the belief that fasting is beneficial and that the body is unequipped to handle an agriculture-based diet."

    From the article "The New Age Cavemen and the City" in the New York Times.

    January 11, 2010