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  • n. A long thin cigar.


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  • What a sorry fella, rolled up and smoked like a panatella.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • Smart even had the same colouring: reddish hair sticking out from under a tweed cap, ruddy face and hazel eyes that squinted against the smoke from his panatella.

    A Place of Execution

  • Willing to slip the Beard a poison panatella and go up in smoke with the man who raped his tobacco fields.

    American Tabloid

  • Hilario "Happy" Reyes waved a Havana panatella as if in the comfort of his living room — which, in many ways, the bar of the La Fonda was.

    Stallion Gate

  • II THE TWO LAWYERs had risen hastily when Chief Justice Pendarvis entered; he responded to their greetings and seated himself at his desk, reaching for the silver cigar box and taking out a panatella.

    The Fuzzy Papers

  • "Have you a buzzing in the ears, and a confused sound like distant laughter in the panatella?" he asked.

    You Should Worry Says John Henry

  • Mr. Dupont was seated in his private office puffing contentedly at a long panatella when the door opened and the publicity man entered.

    El Diablo

  • I went in to a local store the other day and ask if they had a slim panatella.

    London SE1 community website

  • I am surrounded by idiots, puffbrains, braggadocios ias, from the "president" on down to the clown who lives across the hall from me and plays his boring techno-drivel house music hours and hours on the weekends, especially on Saturday afternoons when I am perhaps basking in a little mellow peace of my own...perhaps smoking a sweet rolled, exotic smelling panatella from my Domicano friend around the corner who inherited his cigar rolling business from his highly honored grandfather, Don Negrito.

    Introducing: The Growling Wolf

  • But an Ascot or a panatella every day won't do me any harm. "

    Hollywood Stogies


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  • Actually, in the banking industry, we prefer to be known as associates, or assistant vice-presidents. And if you have a problem with our performance, try sitting in our chairs for a day and dealing with the financially irresponsible public!

    August 3, 2009

  • Wasn't Simon Garfield a singer?

    Wait ...

    August 3, 2009

  • "The low cholesterol salt didn't save him, naturally. And neither did the disappearance of the plump Montecristo No. 2s and H. Upmanns, replaced by slim panatellas and Hamlets. Less smoke, same addiction, same awful outcome give or take a few months."

    - The Error World: An Affair with Stamps by Simon Garfield, p 29

    August 3, 2009