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  • adj. Describing a hormone or other secretion released from endocrine cells into the surrounding tissue rather than into the bloodstream


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  • But it has not been possible to detect chemical messages that travel between cells that are nearby but not in contact - called paracrine signals - because they are highly localized and they are produced in concentrations that have been below detection levels.

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  • As such, these cells have the potential to move the regenerative medical field beyond the classic paracrine mechanisms neoangiogenesis and down-regulation of inflammation toward tissue and bone repair and regeneration.

  • They also noted that adipose tissue itself is a source for a number of paracrine factors that might affect retinal ganglion cells. - medical news plus CME for physicians

  • It explains the precise and moment to moment effects of autocrine, paracrine and endocrine secretions.

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  • Having clearly understood the regulatory nature of DOSHAS, I should be able to see how DOSHAVAISHAAYA should be appreciated as a disturbance of homeostatic neural, neurocrine, endocrine, paracrine, autocrine regulatory mechanisms.

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  • Zingman LV, Hodgson DM, Rauzier JM, Kane GC, et al. (2002) Stem cell differentiation requires a paracrine pathway in the heart.

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  • Chakraborty G, Jain S, Kundu GC (2008) Osteopontin promotes vascular endothelial growth factor-dependent breast tumor growth and angiogenesis via autocrine and paracrine mechanisms.

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  • The researchers propose that Sfrp5 neutralizes noncanonical JNK activation by Wnt5a in macrophages and adipocytes via paracrine and autocrine mechanisms, respectively. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Mohr S, Grant MB (2008) Hyperglycemia-induced reactive oxygen species toxicity to endothelial cells is dependent on paracrine mediators.

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  • "Increased apelin levels may act as a paracrine mediator produced from BMMCs and may play an important role in the treatment of heart failure through autocrine and paracrine mechanisms," Dr. Gao concluded. - latest science and technology news stories


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