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  • adjective Relating to the release of chemical substances from endocrine cells that bind to receptors on the same cell that produces them.

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  • adjective biology (of a hormone, neuropeptide... or about its effect or action) That acts on the cell that produced it.


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  • (Effect of the secretion of the cell on itself is called autocrine effect) on T cell i.e. it self (blocked by cortisol) 3) activates B cells which on antigenic stimulation mature into plasma cells and produce antibodies b) Granulocyte and monocyte colony stimulation factor (GMcSF).

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  • My associates and I also demonstrated that GH-RH, which we found in mammary, ovarian, endometrial lung cancers and other tumors, is probably an autocrine growth factor.

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  • Pancreatic NETs generally proliferate by the autocrine activation of the mTOR signaling pathway, mediated through insulin-like growth factor.

  • We previously reported a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) autocrine loop in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) cell lines, supporting a role for VEGF in HNSCC tumorigenesis.

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  • Chakraborty G, Jain S, Kundu GC (2008) Osteopontin promotes vascular endothelial growth factor-dependent breast tumor growth and angiogenesis via autocrine and paracrine mechanisms.

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  • The researchers propose that Sfrp5 neutralizes noncanonical JNK activation by Wnt5a in macrophages and adipocytes via paracrine and autocrine mechanisms, respectively. - latest science and technology news stories

  • IL-6 acts in an autocrine fashion to skew RAW264. 7 macrophage cell differentiation into

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  • The particles remain localized on the surface of T-cells for at least a week and allow the engineering of pseudo-autocrine signaling, as protein or small-molecule drugs released from the particles are recaptured with high efficiency by the donor T-cell.

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  • Yonezawa Y (2000) Human fetal skin fibroblast migration stimulated by the autocrine growth factor bFGF is mediated by phospholipase A (2) via arachidonic acid without the involvement of pertussis toxin-sensitive G-protein.

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  • "Increased apelin levels may act as a paracrine mediator produced from BMMCs and may play an important role in the treatment of heart failure through autocrine and paracrine mechanisms," Dr. Gao concluded. - latest science and technology news stories


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  • Of or relating to secretion of a hormone that stimulates the cell that produces it.

    January 6, 2008