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  • adj. Capable of causing something to parch.
  • adj. extreme
  • v. Present participle of parch.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Scorching; burning; drying.


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  • However, such consuming thirst could only be quenched temporarily by the attention of others, becoming more parching with every praise and gesture of attention to the point that our little, humble Carmel could not contain it any more.


  • The crossing of the Hindu Kush and the parching deserts of Bactria had been hard on the men, but it had also taken an enormous toll on the horses.

    Alexander the Great

  • There were not many buyers for Wyoming Territory sections of parching winds and hostile Indians.

    Bird Cloud

  • We learned to select the largest grains for the seed, so that all the rice we thereafter ate was larger-grained and puffier in the parching and the boiling.

    Chapter 21

  • Again it was long hours of parching heat and biting dust, sagebrush and sand, and a land accursed.

    Chapter 13

  • And the captain gasped out his last under the palm trees of the isle unnamable while the brown maidens wept about him and fanned the air to his parching lungs.


  • She tells us about the Romans' use of snow for chilling drinks and the Celts' use of clay domes for parching their grain, yet she is also bracingly up to date, taking in British chef April Bloomfield's gastropub invasion of New York and the demise of Gourmet magazine.

    Anglo-Saxon On the Menu

  • If that continues to be the case, we can abandon all hope of reversing the process that is melting glaciers and parching farmlands, a process that will eventually make climate refugees out of hundreds of millions of people living in coastal areas.

    Steve Valk: How to Bring Down the Coal and Oil Goliath: A Million Personal Letters

  • In its native region, extending from Egypt to Turkey, the heat used for parching is produced from hot embers of leftover orchard materials burned in the field.

    Rebecca Gerendasy: Frikeh: Green Wheat Wonder

  • The market economics were right: frikeh was not being produced in this country, and the process was labor-intensive, with only a three-day window of time to harvest the wheat for parching.

    Rebecca Gerendasy: Frikeh: Green Wheat Wonder


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