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  • adj. Variant of pareve.

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  • adj. containing no meat or milk (or their derivatives) and thus eatable with both meat and dairy dishes according to the dietary laws of Judaism


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  • These products are considered to be 'parve', meaning that these treats may be eaten at any time and contain no lactose or meat products.

    Russian Kosher Lactose-Free Sweets

  • BTW – for those desiring a parve option without schmaltz - Nyafat is no longer an option, as it is no longer made (I am still mourning its demise, as there is no substitute for Matzoh Brei).

    The Ultimate Potato Kugel

  • If homemade schmaltz is unavailable, you can use Nyafat or Margarine if you want to keep it kosher parve or meat, but if not or for a dairy meal, use softened butter instead.

    The Ultimate Potato Kugel

  • There's also a third class of foods known as parve (or pareve) that are neutral foods that contain neither milk nor meat.

    Hip Kosher Cooking

  • You just need to look for a kosher symbol or the word kosher on the package, not for the word parve.

    Milk in Meats. More Than Just Non-Kosher

  • For coffee and baking, many people are happy to use parve cream (happy because they either aren't aware of all the chemicals in it, or don't care), or products like "Better than Cream Cheese" (which considering all the fat and stabilizers it contains, doesn't seem any better to me).

    Take the Dairy out of Shavuot

  • It is milk based, but it could work as well with strained orange juice for a parve version.

    Baked Honey Custards (Rosh Hashanah 5769) « Baking History

  • Even at Yom Kippur Break Fast, everyone rushes from the synagogue sanctuary to scarf down the cookies and challah and parve shul brownies that the sisterhood set out.

    Carin Davis: Honey Cake: The Fruitcake of the Jews

  • There is no symbol that indicates that a food is parve.

    Kosher and Parve Food Online

  • I mention this because once in a while one might hear from somebody who erroneously claims that parve food is allowed to contain very small amounts of milk.

    Kosher and Parve Food Online


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  • another synonym is natural or uncooked food

    June 9, 2015