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  • n. Plural form of peach.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of peach.


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  • One of my fondest memories when I was growing up in Austin was driving out into the Hill Country towards Fredricksburg with my family each spring (well, late spring, June-ish, which is already summer in TX, but still ...) to buy peaches from the roadside stands.

    Peach ice cream on a summer morning | Homesick Texan

  • Using a slotted spoon, remove peaches from the syrup, and put them in a strainer over a bowl for 5 min.


  • Wait, for some reason a vision of grilled peaches is coming to mind all of a sudden - great idea, don't you think?

    Important decisions pertaining to figs..

  • (Botanically, fleshy fruits fall into one of two classes, druses and berries, the former having stony seeds, such as those found in peaches, and the latter having softer seeds.)

    The Avocado: On Beyond Guacamole

  • The most curious circumstance in the whole business is, that the word peaches had never been mentioned by Dr. Leicester's agent in the original message; and Dr. Leicester really did not know that Mr. Grimwood of

    Tales and Novels — Volume 07

  • Having procured three quarts of peaches from the very hot dykey blond at the Farmer's Market (she reminds me of mac_stone, with the set of her jaw and the streaky blond bangs and the cheerful no-nonsense hypercompetence, anyway, nevermind, omg guh.) (I bought an extra quart because she was packing up due to rain, and she took the peaches back out of her van for me, and then she threw in a pint of red raspberries because I was standing there getting drenched) I then went to Whole Paycheck for preserved ginger and half-and-half and cream so I can make ice cream when all these peaches get good and squooshy.

    The main problem with having cut my hair...

  • But the peaches are here and I can't wait to get my first ones later this week.

    Aunt Margaret's strawberry delight | Homesick Texan

  • Niagara peaches are at full blast here in Ontario and you can only eat so much peach pie.

    No story, just salsa | Homesick Texan

  • This is the peaches, that is the cream, these are other peaches that are not fried.

    CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2009

  • Cute thing about this one is, you can poke a skewer through the triangles to make sure the peaches are all soft before you take it out.



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  • Those are lyrics from the song "Peaches" by the band, Presidents of the United States of America.

    Good tune.

    June 5, 2009

  • "Peaches come from a can

    They were put there by a man

    In a factory downtown

    If I had my little way

    I'd eat peaches everyday

    Sun soakin' bulges in the shade"

    January 2, 2007

  • Fuck the pain away

    December 6, 2006