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  • n. the state of being a peasant


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  • John and Peter and Charles, and they tilled the soil of France; but on their bowed shoulders rests the universal burden; these dumb figures are eloquent of the uncomplaining, hopeless "peasanthood" of the world.

    The Enjoyment of Art

  • Mr. Deb, who describes himself as only two generations removed from illiterate peasanthood, writes with unfailing clarity if not always with flair.

    Beautiful and Damned, or Just Dazed and Confused?

  • Scattered in the greenery were the blank metal-sided workshops and warehouses of contemporary agriculture, suggestive more of light industry than of peasanthood.

    Zion's Vital Signs

  • Then we have cities and nations, finally the soulless world cities and a devastating struggle for power, a series of frightful wars which sweep men to fellahdom, and so to primitiveness, and on to a new peasanthood.

    The Voyage of the Space Beagle

  • We all might agree that women aren’t on a retrograde slide to 18th century Irish peasanthood … although arguably an Irish peasant woman probably had pretty much equal rights with her equally oppressed peasant husband, but I digress … but he doesn’t convince me that the gender gap is really getting smaller.

    ProWomanProLife » The gender gap, exposed, again

  • Not long before that, most of the world believed that royalty were innately special, and that being born rich was a sign of God’s approval, while peasanthood implied that you’d done something to deserve it.

    2008 September 03 « shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows


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