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  • v. Present participle of pellet.


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  • The term 'cold pelleting' is something of a misnomer since a considerable amount of heat is generated during the pelleting operation, but it serves to distinguish the process from conditioner pelleting which is the usual process in industrial pelleters.

    Chapter 7

  • Further woes are hampering travel at Houston's Intercontinental Airport, as freezing rain is pelleting the area it is forecast to turn to snow on Friday, according to

    Weather Takes Toll On Airports

  • Arden had me by my waist, trying to wrestle me into submission, when out of the sky came a deluge of hail pelleting down on both of us with stinging force.

    My Sweet Audrina

  • However, you cannot do this on your farm because you need a pelleting machine.

    Chapter 4

  • The existing knowledge on seed coating and pelleting should be reviewed.

    1. Tree products in agroecosystems: economic and policy issues.

  • Generally, the quality of pellets (that is, resistance to break-down after pelleting and during handling) of a given mixture from a conditioner pelleter is marginally better than that from a cold pelleter, but the conditioner pelleter requires a boiler and associated water treatment plant to treat the feed water for the boiler.

    Chapter 7

  • Finally, in some circumstances, pelleting can assist in preventing adulteration of feed by unscrupulous traders.

    Chapter 7

  • Water is required for steam raising if the feed mill has a steam conditioner, or may be added to the mixer to raise the moisture content of the meal to a level suitable for pelleting.

    Chapter 7

  • However, pelleting increases the cost of feeds because the capital cost of pelleters is relatively high compared to grinders or mixers, the energy requirement is high, and additional care and skill is necessary for their maintenance and operation.

    Chapter 7

  • Practical experience shows that for a given pelleter motor size, the output of the pellets will be approximately doubled if meal is pre-conditioned prior to pelleting, or, conversely a cold pelleter of say 25 horse-power will produce only half the output of a conditioner pelleter of 25 horse-power if the energy required to raise the steam is not taken into account.

    Chapter 7


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