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  • n. Plural form of pentimento.


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  • Caravaggio often changed his mind as he was painting and the resulting changes, or "pentimenti," on the canvas can be detected.

    Caravaggio's Calling of Peter and Andrew

  • _Annunciation_, washed out the under layer with essential oil before making his "pentimenti" or corrections, and in this way the thinness was kept.

    Fra Bartolommeo

  • Witness an astonishing charcoal drawing, c. 1880-85, full of pentimenti and reconsiderations, of a dancer, arms flailing as she prepares for an "inside" turn; she spirals away from us, limbs extending to the corners of the sheet, unanchored, unstable, turning inert paper into pregnant space.

    Stolen Moments and Persistent Poses

  • A fraudulent sense of earnestness and of Modernist discovery permeates these confused, formless pictures, in which fake "pentimenti" and searching "expressive" flourishes are applied razzle-dazzle to Norman Rockwell-style portraits.

    Exploring Spaces And Life's Continuity

  • You can figure out these methods by looking at half-finished paintings, in strokes of overpainted elements or pentimenti that have transparentized, or in the edges of the picture normally hidden by frames.

    Archive 2010-05-01

  • From here on I speculate, but all the extra detail in the later image makes me consider yet another possibility -- that there maybe some form of pentimenti involved.

    Daybreak Blues

  • For example, the Prado report maintains that the underpainting of the "Colossus" is different from the way Goya prepared his canvases and that, moreover, there are pentimenti -- vestiges of previous compositions -- revealing alterations that Goya with his technical mastery could not or would not have made.

    The Prado's Giant Leap to a Shaky Conclusion

  • What lasted in the end were the imaginary ghost towns of those exposed apartments he had memorized so long ago, populated with dozens of figures painted out but still vaguely visible as pentimenti under semi-opaque white.

    Blue Nude

  • “The only thing I find surprising when you look closely at this canvas is that the surface is so clean, so smooth, no signs of pentimenti here at all-surely Gainsborough was often changing his mind, no?”

    Hound in the Left-hand Corner, The

  • The "comprehensive review and correction" that he proposes must perforce ignore or deny how much of Lowell's power inheres in the refusal of correction, and in its insistence upon leaving exposed the work's pentimenti.

    Lowell & the Editors


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