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  • n. A protein in killer cells and natural killer cells that causes lysis of target cells on contact.

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  • n. A cytolytic protein found in natural killer cells


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

perfor(ate) + -in.


  • To date, five mutations in genes coding for proteins involved in cytotoxicity of lymphocytes, namely perforin (causing FHL2), Munc13-4

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  • T-cells and killer cells release a molecule called perforin which creates small holes in the cell membrane.

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  • Our previous studies suggest that several effector mechanisms, such as perforin, granzymes, or complements, may be involved in the killing of cancer cells.

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  • Instead, these are members of a novel and very interesting gene family with perforin-like structure.

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  • Twenty-eight gene models were identified that encode MAC- perforin domains, but none of these had the additional domains expected for terminal complement factors C6 through C9.

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  • These included Pen5, CD8α, perforin and granzyme-B, which were expressed mainly on CD56 dim cells, independently of NKG2A expression.

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  • Then the T-Cell secretes perforin which punches holes in the cell membrane allowing the cytoplasm to ooze out.

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  • Despite the previously known roles of perforin, superoxide or nitric oxide in the effector mechanisms of innate immune responses, these effector mechanisms were not required for cancer-resistance in SR/CR mice.

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  • This was tested by cross breeding SR/CR mice into the individual genetic knockout backgrounds of perforin (Prf -/-), superoxide

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  • The perforin and granulysin are cytotoxins, they form pores in the target cell's plasma membrane causing ions and water to flow into the target cell that make the cell expand and eventually undergo lysis.

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