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  • adj. Able to be performed.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Admitting of being performed, done, or executed; practicable.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Capable of being performed, done, executed, or fulfilled; practicable.


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  • She decided to write a play a day over a full year, a kind of performable journal of where her head was over the course of a full year.


  • Sometimes there's a great sounding instrument you want to use, but it's not really "performable," or if it is maybe you want to use it so specifically that sampling it makes more sense.


  • So everyone onboard was juggling essays and exams along with ... well, trying to turn this crazy gay punk Orpheus musical into something performable in the two hours and ten minutes allotted, rather than the three hours plus that it was, apparently, clocking in at during the first rehearsals -- ahem.

    Adventures of a Couch-Hopping Scribbler Part 2: That Toddlin Town

  • I knew from the emails we've been exchanging that Beth had really gotten a great team of people on board with this, people doing costume and lighting designs, and most crucially a musical director to translate the mp3s and GarageBand projects into something actually performable; but you don't count yer chickens before they're hatched, so I'm humungously stoked to know that they've been given the go-ahead.


  • I split it into 10 sections and then I actually worked in a very linear fashion -- went through and identified the essays and poems that I found most performable and then passed to Shannon the "script," which was still at around 25,000 words -- WAY too many for a theatre piece -- and Shannon whittled it down to about 13,000.

    Dylan Brody: Jeanmarie Simpson -- Artivist in the Modern Landscape (Part 2)

  • His kind of poetry, which was so performable and so immediately graspable, had fallen out of favor.


  • A better idea than the all or nothing reform of ending medical licensing is to reform it so that those functions that can be performed by less or differently educated persons are in fact legally performable by such persons.

    Posner on Health Care, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • (Where "available" means actions of which s/he is aware that are performable on Earth at the current time by the particular person having any physical limitations that s/he does.)

    "Censorship" and "Anarchy" - Not "Dirty" Words

  • Otherwise there would be less than a quadrillion/100 behaviors which a given human could conceivably perform…even though the number of behaviors performable by any human would be astronomical, as you say, due to interindividual differences in neural wiring.

    The Sad state of Intelligent Design: Or why it shuns 'peer review' - The Panda's Thumb

  • This phrase could mean any number of things, but common conceptions of the basic rule of law, depending on how they are framed, generally require that laws be knowable, performable, and equally applicable.



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