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  • n. a description of an area, territory

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  • n. A progress through or around; especially, a formal progress, or a journey in state; a traveling through anything.


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From Ancient Greek περιήγησις (periēgēsis, "showing around"), from περί (peri, "around"), from ἡγέομαι (ēgeomai, "I lead").


  • Wilamowitz, and others have shown conclusively, that a large part of Pausanias 'periegesis is adopted from the works of previous writers, and adopted in some cases with little care by

    The American Journal of Archaeology, 1893-1

  • His reasons are in substance about as follows: (1) Pausanias has reached a point in his periegesis where he would naturally mention this temple, because he is standing beside it, [5] and (2) the phrase όμου δέ σφισιν εν τω ναω Σπουδαίων δαίμων eστίν implies that a temple has just been mentioned.

    The American Journal of Archaeology, 1893-1

  • One need only refer to the Hellados periegesis of Pausanias, or glance through the codices collected by Photius in his "Bibliotheca", to recognize what great importance was attached to the reports of miracles in antiquity by both the educated and uneducated.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy

  • As Perrottet explains with the easy grace of a fine amateur classicist, the Pax Romana imposed across the Mediterranean in the first two centuries of the Christian era put an end to civil unrest and made possible for the first time the concept of tourism for the leisured class, and with it all the accoutrements still known in the travel industry: peregrinatores, the tourists themselves; mystagogi, the nonsense-spouting guides; periegesis, the guidebooks to out-of-the-way places; unacceptable beds and meals that hurried tourists have no time to complain about; souvenir stalls selling dubious replicas; and guest registries, usually in the form of graffiti in the most inappropriate places.

    Books: On Tour with the Ancients


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  • The writing and sale never ceases

    Of guides and advice with the thesis

    That travelers need

    A docent to heed,

    Else fail in their periegesis.

    December 15, 2017

  • periegesis Do you need a tour of this region?!

    January 12, 2007