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  • adj. Able to pass through or into a given semipermeable membrane or polymer
  • n. A substance which is able to pass through or into a membrane or polymer

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  • adj. Passing through; permeating.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Passing through.

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  • adj. spreading or spread throughout


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permeate +‎ -ant


  • It's interesting to see just how permeant virtual memory has become in our everyday lives.

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  • "Brain permeant statins might be far more effective than statins that don't get into the brain," says Wolozin.

    Your Brain on Statins

  • It is certainly true that whatever is trapped inside needs to enhance vesicle replication as well as manufacture from permeant "nutrients" those factors that enhance membrane vesicle replication (since otherwise they would be diluted out as the vesicle replicates).

    Another Protozoan and Front-Loading

  • Some molecules move freely across the membrane, some are impermeant or very slowly permeant, and some move across the membrane depending upon pH.

    Another Protozoan and Front-Loading

  • I always thought that if my loneliness become a permeant lifestyle as it has appeared to be than I would join a convent and move to Africa and cure sick babies, as I evidently will never have one of my own.

    What I would like to tell the Peace Corps.

  • Cells were then selectively labeled with non-permeant biotin at the apical (left panel) or basal surface (right panel).

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  • We found previously that the membrane-permeant cAMP analog 8-Br-cAMP increases EOD, AP, and INa amplitude by activating of the PKA pathway

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Using mice whose sperm express a mutant PKA catalytic subunit that is sensitive to the unique cell-permeant inhibitor 1NM-PP1, we found that acute application of the 1NM-PP1 to hyperactivated sperm did not remove waveform asymmetry.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • I have my one legged uncle's disable sticker that I have on permeant loan.

    The RiotACT

  • + channel KcsA, we examined how intracellular Na+ and Li+ interact with the pore and the permeant ions using electrophysiology, molecular dynamics simulations and X-ray crystallography.

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