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  • n. A robot that is powered by solar cells and moves towards light to "feed".


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

photo- + -vore


  • Nearby grew a variety of thin photovore that flourished in thick stands like pale yellow bamboo.

    Sentenced To Prism

  • Like the majority of lifeforms on Prism, the cascalarian was a photovore.

    Sentenced To Prism

  • Surely the caterpillar was a photovore, with all those light; gathering cilia on its back?

    Sentenced To Prism

  • Herbie the Mousebot hogging the limelight, folks might forget or be unaware of the fact that the original LM386-based Herbie circuit was a line-follower, not a photovore (light-seeker).

    MAKE Magazine


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  • The breatharians set ultimate store

    By sun and the wind and no more

    But sunlight and air

    Are a diet too spare

    And darkness will cloak the photovore.

    The Definition describes the use of "photovore" in robotics only, although the examples supply other applications, as does common sense.

    See also inedia and this remarkable Wikipedia entry:

    March 13, 2016