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  • adj. having the approximate size of a pig


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  • Marcio Kleber Capivari bills are emblazoned with the face of a pig-sized rodent, the capybara, common in a local river.

    Cash, Credit, or Capivaris?

  • Ten months after introduction of the capivari—named after the capybara, a pig-sized rodent common in a local river—the currency is lifting fortunes of local retailers and gnawing holes in the pockets of consumers.

    In Pockets of Booming Brazil, a Mint Idea Gains Currency

  • After a quick glance at the two pig-sized black clouds that trailed behind the sorcerer, he rose from behind his scrolls and papers.

    Into the Thinking Kingdoms

  • She just smiled, then grabbed the pair of tongs and set two more steaming, guinea pig-sized goŽibki onto my already loaded plate.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • We get to see Knut grow from a guinea pig-sized cub in an incubator, who quickly bonds to Dörflein, to a full-sized adolescent living in his own enclosure at the zoo.

    Home Theater Forum

  • I want to cross breed pigs and elephants not to have elephant-sized pigs to solve word hunger but to have pig-sized elephants to sell as pets.

    Funny Emails

  • Mattel, $13, for ages 3 and up are guinea pig-sized plush toys that sing a note when you squeeze their bellies.

    NYT > Home Page

  • A solitary pig-sized creature, the Lystrosaurus, had the land to itself for another 30 million years.

    Latest Articles

  • There was a worrying moment, in his late mother's bedroom, when you wondered what kind of a comedy this was turning into … but no, Amy was soon settling in, cooking and tidying up, nibbling a dark chocolate Magnum with Georgie (not the classiest of product endorsements), helping Janice with his pig-sized legs and restyling his terrible 80s mullet - an early clue that he hadn't been out in 23 years.

    The Guardian World News


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