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  • n. A methodology of using low-cost techniques to error-proof production processes.


Transliteration from Japanese poka yoke. (Wiktionary)


  • It also means that work must be rigorously standardized by the work team, not by some remote industrial engineering group and that employees and machines must be taught to monitor their own work through a series of techniques commonly called poka-yoke, or mistake-proofing, which make it impossible for even one defective part to be sent ahead to the next step.7

    Lean Thinking

  • Then they would mistake-proof – or apply poka-yoke – to the resin dye rack.


  • The kits were themselves a poka-yoke device because the parts were placed on the cart in their exact assembly sequence.

    Lean Thinking

  • In this way Toyota has installed a poka-yoke device in the ordering system to filter out noise.

    Lean Thinking

  • A simple example of a poka-yoke is installing photo cells across the opening of each parts bin at a workstation.

    Lean Thinking

  • Scheduling equivalents of poka-yoke devices have been developed to make sure all mistakes are caught.

    Lean Thinking

  • In posing this question, they were not asking about specific techniques—how to organize teams, how to use Quality Function Deployment in product development, or how to poka-yoke mistake-proof production processes.

    Lean Thinking

  • Mistake-proofing devices—“poka-yoke”—are procedures that simply make errors impossible, so they can be thought of as 100 percent, completely reliable inspection.


  • In manufacturing, poka-yoke devices are common and cheap.


  • Until they have a poka-yoke solution to the aforesaid difficulty, i have switched my brands and places where i store them.

    The Times of India


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  • I think it is Japanese for 'avoid mistakes' or 'mistake proofing' (literally or figuratively).

    March 20, 2013

  • Derivation of this term anyone?

    March 20, 2013

  • If you poka-yoke in the ribs, does it laugh?

    July 10, 2007