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  • adj. Poland.
  • n. A kind of sausage made of meat that has been only partly cooked.
  • n. the polonaise.
  • n. Alternative form of palone.

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  • n. A kind of sausage made of meat partly cooked.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A kind of high-dried sausage made of partly cooked pork.

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  • n. another name for Bologna sausage


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From obsolete English Polony ("Poland"), from Latin Polonia

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A corruption of Bologna, possibly influenced by polony.

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Shortening of polonaise.

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Variant forms.


  • In 1994, he helped a Boston biotech complete the first bacterial genome sequence.36 Later, his team developed one of the first next-generation sequencing methods, called polony sequencing.37 Elements of this technology were incorporated into the technologies developed by ABI and Complete Genomics, while the Church lab helped build a low-cost open-source sequencing instrument called the Polonator.

    The $1,000 Genome

  • The children themselves, who came along for a snack of polony a bright pink, toxic-looking lunch meat that they all seemed to love and cheese, had the unnatural quietness of kids who had spent too much of their lives sick and in pain.

    No Place Left to Bury the Dead

  • Armed with a cooler full of bread, Coke, cheese, and polony, we found a free spot and spread out our towels and blankets in the soft sand.

    No Place Left to Bury the Dead

  • With a taste of roly polony from Blugpuddels after.

    Finnegans Wake

  • The abattoir is expected to produce salami, polony, ribs and tinned baboon meat for markets in central Africa and eastern

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Altogether 46 cases of theft in the parliamentary complex - including a polony slicer and dictionary - were reported between

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • I ain't 'ad a bite since yesterday -- an' 't wa'n't nothin 'but a slice o' polony sossidge I found on a dust-'eap.

    The Dawn of A To-morrow

  • Here, whilst I left the little girl innocently eating a polony in the front shop, I and Boroughbridge retired with the boy into the back parlour, where Mrs. Boroughbridge was playing cribbage.

    English Satires

  • As a rule, he stowed everything away under his shirt; and at night when he reached his bedroom he drew from his bosom hunks of polony, slices of _pate de foie gras_, and bundles of pork rind.

    The Fat and the Thin

  • The bill of fare included cold black-pudding, slices of polony, a piece of salt pork, some gherkins, and some goose-fat.

    The Fat and the Thin


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  • Over the last few years, much of his lab's attention has been on polymerase colonies, or "polonies," a method that uses enzymes to amplify billions of short DNA fragments and stitch those together into a form that can be sequenced. Polony technology has since been licensed to several companies. . . . Church has teamed up with an engineering firm to make and sell a polony sequencer ("the Polonator") . . . .
    Misha Angrist, Here is a Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics (New York: HarperCollins, 2010), ch. 2 (Kindle loc. 334)

    December 17, 2016