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  • adv. In a polynomial way.


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  • If I may geek out here for a moment — math-geek out, that is — the expense of doing f/x should rise polynomially — quadratically, in fact — with the (linear) size of the negative.

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  • If you look at the CO2 forcing above it looks pretty linear, but how about the total radiative forcing, because, our new hero's are claiming that.......greenhouse gas forcing, global temperature and solar irradiance are not polynomially cointegrated and AGW is refuted.

    Idiots Delight

  • He also stressed that although one could in principle ˜squeeze™ information of exponential complexity into polynomially many quantum states, the real problem lay in the efficient retrieval of this information.

    Quantum Computing

  • (If a Hamiltonian is a sum of polynomially many local terms, then certainly one can simulate it efficiently on a quantum computer — see here for some pointers to the literature.)

    Humankind’s Basic Picture of the Universe

  • The one universal rule is that the amount of stock an employee gets decreases polynomially with the age of the company.

    How to Fund a Startup

  • We observe that a simple formulation gives rise to systems at least as strong as Frege --- yielding a semantic way to define a Cook-Reckhow (i.e., polynomially verifiable) algebraic analogue of Frege proofs, different from that given in [BIKPRS96, GH03]. simple plainness

  • Polynomially harmonizable processes and finitely polynomially determined Levy processes

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  • But Plancherel's theorem shows that there can only be polynomially many such large Fourier coefficients, so by the pigeonhole principle, is equal to a constant for a polynomially dense set of x, and the claim follows.

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  • n, (the number of bits required to store the input) and in particular, whether it increases exponentially or polynomially with

    Quantum Computing

  • The second condition essentially means that the sequence should grow faster than any power of, as seems quite natural, then we find that the sequence grows at most polynomially (since the biggest we can get is at powers of 2, and to be a "constant" that tends to infinity.

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  • "I haven't had as much as a square of cracker all day", the parrot said polynomially.

    November 14, 2008