post-communist love


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  • adj. no longer communist; subsequent to being communistic


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  • Among post-communist countries, those that reformed most rapidly did generally experience a quicker turnaround and smaller drop in official output.

    The Return

  • For example, gay rights and needle exchange programs are controversial in the post-communist region, not to mention in more traditional societies around the world.

    Jonas Rolett: Whither Civil Society?

  • In 1990, as the Albanian revolution against 45 years of communist rule was gaining momentum, a young professor of art named Edi Rama warned that the post-communist government should be free of former communist party members.

    Fron Nahzi: Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in Albania: Is It Working?

  • From the beginning of the post-communist era, Poland has been a model of the strength and difficulties of a rapid transition to capitalism in a time when democratic institutions are just forming.

    Benjamin R. Barber: As President Lech Walesa Said to President Lula Da Silva

  • From 1990 to 1995, he served as Poland's first popularly elected president in the post-communist era.

    Former Polish president Lech Walesa hospitalized

  • His most famous idea, of course, is the post-Cold War notion of the end of history, in a post-communist world that, he argued, had attained a kind of political apotheosis, a final stage, an ultimate synthesis, in liberal democracy.

    Robert Teitelman: Fukuyama's Recipe for the Poor Populist Left

  • He planned instead to campaign against "undemocratic laws" and create a reform movement similar to those that sprung up in the post-communist era of the early 1990s.

    Moscow's ousted mayor in 'pro-democracy' campaign

  • Aircraft designer Mikhail Simonov, 81, whose supremely maneuverable, heavily armed and far-flying Sukhoi fighter jet became an staple of the Soviet military and a cash cow for post-communist Russia, died March 4 in Moscow.

    Mikhail Simonov, designer of innovative Soviet fighter jet, dies at 81

  • Our clear mandate has been to end the uncertainties that have prevailed in Hungary since 1989—in effect, to draw a line under the post-communist period and bring Hungary within the orbit of the new Europe as a fully democratic and law-governed partner in the emerging forms of cooperation.

    Hungary's Reboot

  • The post-communist government of Romania has offered citizenship to the Romanians of Moldova, a province seized from Romania by Stalin in World War II and now an independent republic.

    Hungary's Reboot


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