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  • verb (Railroads), British, Great Britain, Great Britain Switching
  • verb (Finance), Great Britain Arbitrage conducted between certain local markets without the necessity of the exchange involved in foreign arbitrage.

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  • verb Present participle of shunt.
  • noun connecting an electrical component in parallel with another, the current being divided between them
  • noun the manipulation of railway rolling stock into different combinations or onto different tracks


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  • Families must understand that fetal bladder shunting is only a temporary measure, and more detailed evaluation and surgical therapy will be necessary after birth.

    Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO)

  • This involved crossing a part of the line where there were several sidings and branch lines, on which a good deal of pushing of trucks and carriages to and fro -- that is "shunting" -- was going on.

    The Iron Horse

  • "Politicians like the idea of shunting it all to commissions, or to the attorney general, to anybody else but themselves,"

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • He did not perceive, branching from the column down which his finger ran, a small twist, called a shunting-line, inserted at a particular place, to imply that at that point the train was divided into two.

    Desperate Remedies

  • There's no registry of people who are coming through, if they're sort of having them enter, and then kind of shunting them onto the next thing.

    CNN Transcript Sep 4, 2005

  • But AdMob isn't about to sit down and take that kind of shunting; in a blog post today, AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui called the move "not in the best interests of users or developers."

    Fast Company

  • I have 3 bludgeonings scheduled for Thursday, a routine decapitation on Friday, and I'll be "shunting" all weekend!


  • I have 3 bludgeonings scheduled for Thursday, a routine decapitation on Friday, and I'll be "shunting" all weekend!


  • This trilogy not only features the regeneration of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor into Peter Davidson’s Fifth Doctor, but also (particularly in Logopolis and Castrovalva uses some concepts that you would normally expect to find in a hard science fiction novel, such as shunting excess entropy into another universe; having a TARDIS inside a TARDIS and the Escher-esque structure of Castrovalva.

    15 Classic Doctor Who Stories for New Fans | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News

  • This shunting aside of the realists in favor of the fabulists has different effects on different industries at different times.

    Boing Boing


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