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  • Steve Salerno, author of the book SHAM: How The Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless, wrote in his review of The Secret on Amazon: One seldom encounters a better/worse example of the logical fallacy known as a posteriori reasoning.

    Boing Boing

  • The method a posteriori is a method of direct experience.

    Philosophy of Economics

  • It has often been pointed out that “Water is H2O” is a necessary truth, but it can only be justified empirically, that is, a posteriori.

    A Priori Justification and Knowledge

  • This classification of propositions, founded only on the structural properties of ideas, is the logical counterpart of the Kantian distinction between a priori and a posteriori, which is relative to the origin of the ideas that occur in them and is defined in subjective terms.

    Bolzano's Logic

  • The latter is that in our cognition which is called cognition a posteriori, that is, empirical intuition.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • Opposed to this is empirical knowledge, or that which is possible only a posteriori, that is, through experience.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • In the one case, reason proceeds according to conceptions and can do nothing more than subject phenomena to these -- which can only be determined empirically, that is, a posteriori -- in conformity, however, with those conceptions as the rules of all empirical synthesis.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • a priori, in contradistinction to empirical knowledge, which has its sources a posteriori, that is, in experience.

    The Critique of Pure Reason

  • [105] Empiricism ” that is, a posteriori investigations, based on actual facts and not a priori deductions from theories, or general laws, did good service before Froebel's time, and will do good service yet, Froebel notwithstanding.

    Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel

  • This was what it was to exist, to tread carefully through the bog of expectations ex posteriori.

    The Moon in Winter


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