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  • v. To load in advance (used especially in reference to software installed on a computer prior to sale).
  • v. To drink cheap alcohol at home before going out socially.


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pre- +‎ load.


  • You'll have to play with how much "preload" you put on the barrel.

    Fixing an Inaccurate Rifle

  • Competitors are arguing that the EU should insist that Microsoft "preload" Windows with other browsers so users don't have to download the software.

    EU Plans Fresh Strike on Microsoft

  • Preliminary construction activities include placing "preload" material to compress soft soils.

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • This menu allows for the user to "preload" the timer of how long they can use their device without interruption-by watching multiple advertisements in advance.

    Macworld UK News

  • The first two players to the finishing line today win a beta key and [item type = "preload"] Tyrael's Hilt [/ item].

    World of war

  • Not a lot of people do ... [item type = "preload"] Necrotic Rune [/ item] s were the things that players acquired during the Scourge Invasion, the opening of Naxxramas the first time around, when necropolises were invading all the major cities in Azeroth.

    World of war

  • Cast-aluminum swing arm w/piggyback high/low-speed, compression, rebound, and threaded preload adjustment (11)

    Quad 2009 ATV Buyers Guide

  • The Kashima coated KYB front shocks deliver 9.8 inches of preload, high/low-speed compression, and rebound adjustability.

    Quad 2009 ATV Buyers Guide

  • It has electric start, triple hydraulic brakes, a long-travel double-wishbone front suspension with five-position spring preload adjustability, and a snorkel-type air filter to keep out debris.

    Quad 2009 ATV Buyers Guide

  • R-type forged-aluminum double A-arm KYB HPG piggyback shocks with compression rebound and preload adjustments (9.5)

    Quad 2009 ATV Buyers Guide


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  • in mountain bike suspensions, it's an adjustment which compresses a spring to compensate for a heavier rider.

    January 12, 2013