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  • adj. Causing an increase in blood pressure.

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  • adj. vasopressor
  • n. vasopressor

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Causing, or giving rise to, pressure or to an increase of pressure; ; -- opposed to depressor.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Causing constriction of the smaller blood-vessels and a consequent rise of blood-pressure.

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  • adj. increasing (or tending to increase) blood pressure
  • n. any agent that causes a narrowing of an opening of a blood vessel: cold or stress or nicotine or epinephrine or norepinephrine or angiotensin or vasopressin or certain drugs; maintains or increases blood pressure


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Late Latin, one who presses, from Latin pressus, past participle of premere, to press; see press1.


  • If the patient is hypotensive and refractory to IV fluids, pressor agents should be used with extreme caution and the dose carefully titrated to response.

    Monamine Oxidase Inhibitors

  • Once absorbed, colchicine cannot be removed from the body by hemodialysis or charcoal hemoperfusion, and aggressive care including endotracheal intubation, timely fluid management guided by pulmonary artery pressure monitoring and pressor support is frequently required for the patient to survive.

    Colchicine Poisoning

  • The patient's course in the intensive care unit was notable for hyoptension unresponsive to pressor support with dopamine and dobutamine, severe metabolic acidosis, anuric renal failure and progressive respiratory failure requiring endotracheal intubation.

    Colchicine Poisoning

  • Why are the networks covering live pressor of Clinton (the male one) before the pressor of other Clinton (the female one)?

    In Major Setback For Edwards, Hillary Wins Second Place, Networks Say

  • Is it to prevent the pressor of Obama get a good coverage?

    In Major Setback For Edwards, Hillary Wins Second Place, Networks Say

  • Raedders, I think the main pijntis that the Labour Party are in denial if you look in theleft wing pressor listen to any of them they do not ubderstand that there core beliefs are as unpopular as they were ten years ago and as we have recently seen there is no challenge to the orthdioxy in the Party.

    Can I have that but in blue please

  • If the United States were forced to release it to the pressor if it leakedthe callous letter would outrage the American public.

    The Attack on the Liberty

  • Nor do we need esoteric tractor beams or pressor beams to hold the mass in place.

    story idea, rubber science

  • L-amphetamine has some pressor/sympathomimetic effects which pseudoephedrine/phenylephrine/ephedrine all have, this vasoconstrictor type effect is responsible for the relief of rhinitis but virtually no psychoactive effects; D-amphetamine has both in spades.

    Mind Hacks: Drug tampering for fun and profit

  • We had pressor fields that kept away dangerous animals, allowing us a good close look at them while they tried to figure out what was keeping them from lunch, and they were impressive-evolution here had not favored mammal over reptile, and both families had developed large, swift predators in a variety of beautiful and ugly designs.

    A Separate War


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