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  • n. A hormone secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland that constricts blood vessels, raises blood pressure, and reduces excretion of urine. Also called antidiuretic hormone.

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  • n. An antidiuretic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland

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  • n. hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve endings in the hypothalamus; affects blood pressure by stimulating capillary muscles and reduces urine flow by affecting reabsorption of water by kidney tubules


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vasopressor +‎ -in?


  • By targeting receptors of a hormone called vasopressin, it is hoped that the investigational drug will prove effective in controlling the abnormal contractions that cause painful periods.

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  • Even after steroids were discontinued, their anterior hypothalamus, known to regulate aggression, continued to pump out more of a neurotransmitter called vasopressin, which induces aggression.


  • This same gene has also been linked in a different study to dictatorial behavior, and the hormone, called vasopressin, made by this gene has been found to be plentiful in voles that mate for life.

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  • By altering a single gene that affects a brain chemical called vasopressin, researchers at Emory University in Atlanta turned philandering mice into devoted mates.

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  • They looked for changes in two hormones known to be involved in nurturing and social behaviors: oxytocin, often nicknamed the "cuddle hormone," which is important in maternal bonding, and vasopressin, which is thought to be important in social behaviors in males.

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  • When the body loses fluid through sweat, the brain stimulates a hormone called vasopressin, which causes the kidneys to reabsorb pure water from one's urine, thus, naturally balancing the blood to normal levels.

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  • The difference is a protein called the vasopressin receptor, which is ample in the prairie vole but not in the meadow vole.

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  • The reason: a hormone called vasopressin, which helps regulate water retention.

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  • February 26th, 2010 LONDON - Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have pinpointed how a key hormone, known as vasopressin, helps animals recognise each other by their smell.

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  • (ADh) which is also called vasopressin and increases water retention.

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