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  • n. A radioactive rare-earth element prepared by fission of uranium or by neutron bombardment of neodymium, having 14 isotopes with mass numbers ranging from 141 to 154 and used as a source of beta rays. Atomic number 61; melting point 1,168°C; boiling point 2,460°C; valence 3. See Table at element.

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  • n. a metallic chemical element (symbol Pm) with an atomic number of 61.

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  • n. a soft silvery metallic element of the rare earth group having no stable isotope; was discovered in radioactive form as a fission product of uranium


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Prometheus.

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1945. From the name of the Greek god Prometheus, who stole the fire from Mount Olympus and brought it down to mankind.


  • This uncertainty of just what Prometheus was responsible for is echoed in the uncertainty of who discovered the element promethium, number 61 in the periodic table.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • It's live and it's all about promethium, element 61.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • But my dim-witted, testosterone blind buddies convinced me to take her off path” to get the underbelly coated with a mono-layer of promethium-deuterium-phosphate, otherwise known as PDP.

    365 tomorrows » 2006 » August : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • A bomb made of promethium would never stop exploding, whatever that means, so I suppose a razor made of promethium would never dull.

    Week 6: Sent Forth from the Power

  • For an issue in which chemical numbers are important it's odd that the razor company would be named after promethium, element 61, which is nasty, radioactive stuff.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • So's part of the sea floor — for the promethium mining and lutigestoid mariculture projects.

    Perseus Spur

  • Hanford does it another way ... they always seem to generate too much promethium ... '

    The Sum of all Fears

  • Morrow and his PTO team have raised more than $50,000, which helped two major capital improvement projects; outfitting three classrooms with promethium board technology, and a new playground structure that is currently under construction.


  • The trio also gave its discovery an unsettling name, promethium.

    Slate Magazine

  • Nothing the Ordo Malleus and a little promethium can't fix. Stories / Popular


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