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  • adj. Of or pertaining to protectionism, or an advocate thereof.
  • n. Someone who believes in protecting domestic producers by impeding or limiting the importation of foreign goods and services via actions taken by government.

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  • n. One who favors protection. See protection, 4.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who favors the protection of some branch of industry, or of native industries generally, from foreign competition, by imposing duties on imports and by other means.
  • Favoring or supporting the economic doctrine of protection.

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  • n. an advocate of protectionism


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protection +‎ -ist


  • For the most part, its superiority is just assumed, and the word "protectionist" is treated like, say, "fascist": something just obviously, axiomatically bad and requiring no serious thought.

    Ian Fletcher: Holy Cow! A Real Debate About Free Trade in the New York Times!

  • I'm really not going to argue this point with you because it makes me look ungrateful (which I am certainly not), but to take money from the government (AFTER YOUR SERIVCE IS DONE, not during!!!) and then criticize me for being a protectionist is the height of hypocricy!

    Free Trade in Tech Labor, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Canada's government is seeking meetings with U.S. officials over what it calls protectionist provisions in the administration's jobs plan.

    What's News: Business & Finance

  • OTTAWA—The Canadian government is demanding meetings with White House officials and congressional leaders, alarmed over what it calls "protectionist" provisions in the Obama administration's $447 billion job-creation plan that Ottawa says will disadvantage Canadian companies.

    Canada Unhappy About 'Protectionist' Jobs Plan

  • In its annual China Position Paper, the business association details what it describes as the protectionist hurdles still impeding foreign businesses almost a decade after China joined the World Trade Organization.

    European Businesses Says China Breaks Trade Rules

  • Some aides want to resist encouraging what they describe as a protectionist tilt in the very first days of the administration, while others argue that mandating that taxpayer money go to benefit U. S products is appropriate at a time of economic hardship.

    Crisis Fuels Backlash on Trade

  • TODD (voice-over): He joked about not wanting to wade into the 2008 presidential race, but then said he hoped the next president understands America's role in promoting liberty, and warned about what he called protectionist ideas on free trade.

    CNN Transcript Apr 29, 2008

  • Mr. Bush was lashing out at what he called protectionist thought, nativist thought as well based on some of the criticism of this trade pact.

    CNN Transcript Mar 15, 2008

  • Mr. Miller poured scorn on those efforts, as well as what he called protectionist moves by the EU to stop monopolies like Gazprom from acquiring gas-transportation assets in Europe.

    Benchmark Cruel: $250?

  • DOBBS: President Bush acknowledged there are what he called protectionist sentiments in this country.

    CNN Transcript Mar 7, 2007


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