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  • adj. Prohibiting; forbidding: took prohibitive measures.
  • adj. So high or burdensome as to discourage purchase or use: prohibitive prices.
  • adj. So likely to win as to discourage competition: the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination.

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  • adj. Tending to prohibit, preclude, or disallow.
  • adj. Costly to the extreme; beyond budget.
  • n. negative imperative

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  • adj. That prohibits; prohibitory.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as prohibitory.

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  • adj. tending to discourage (especially of prices)


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prohibit +‎ -ive


  • I think that you'll find the word 'prohibitive' is an understatement.

    NASA Finds The Metric System Too Hard To Implement for Constellation - NASA Watch

  • Your comment about anise being cost prohibitive is true, but what I started doing last year is to go to the pharmacy and buy a syringe (like diabetics use) and squirt proper amount on my bait.

    Tip of the Day: Add Scent Cheap with Cod Liver Oil

  • I submit that a more complete solution to the crisis of access to legal services should fulfil the following conditions: it should increase the pool of legal service providers in order to address the overall shortage of lawyers; is should increase the capacity of legal aid and other entities to provide legal services free of charge; it should ensure access to legal services for people of all income levels, including low and middle income people; it should not be cost-prohibitive from a government viewpoint; and, it should ensure a high quality of legal service as well as competence and integrity among all legal professionals.

    Access to Legal Services: Lessons from the Medical Profession (Part 1 of 3) : Law is Cool

  • The article goes on to say one option is to boost the force level by up to 50,000 even though any increase greater than 20 - 30,000 would be "prohibitive" - but it won't deter the Pentagon, on administration orders, from extending tours of duty even longer for forces now there and calling up thousands of reservists and greatly extended National Guard units to get into this quagmire even though it's recognized their presence will only make things worse as well as place an unfair burden on those called up, who've served before, and their families.

    A Look Back and Ahead In An Age of Neocon Rule

  • Who now could deny that it would be folly to oppose the resources of ordinary warfare to those of what might be called prohibitive warfare.

    The Great War Syndicate

  • The city reserves the right to cancel the arena project, which is to be financed jointly by the city and the province, should a detailed cost study make the price tag prohibitive.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • The intent, however, was to make the taxes and terms prohibitive to all non-medical use.

    Adirondack Daily Enterprise

  • Eskom's former CEO, Jacob Maroga, recently revealed in court that iron-clad 'sweetheart deals' inherited from South Africa's apartheid era could not be renegotiated as the cost of 'buying back power' from foreign-owned multinationals such as smelter BHP Billiton was 'prohibitive' i.e.: R5. 9 trillion or US$800 billion.

    Khadija Sharife: South Africa's dirty secret: Eskom and the Medupi power plant

  • That way she could enforce her trademark protection in a way that wasn't "prohibitive" to the community, she said.

    Leisure World residents might have to pay for name, globe

  • "But they are not danger-prohibitive, meaning they're not so dangerous one shouldn't ride."

    Charles Karel Bouley: Marine's Deaths Focus Pentagon and Civilians on Motorcycle Safety


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  • I could not believe that she really desired to sell it or cared for any information I might give her. What she wished was to dangle it before my eyes and put a prohibitive price on it.

    Henry James, The Aspern Papers

    November 15, 2011