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  • v. A past tense and a past participle of prove.
  • adj. Having been demonstrated or verified without doubt: "a Soviet leader of proven shrewdness and prescience” ( Joyce Carol Oates). See Usage Note at prove.

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  • adj. Having been proved; having proved its value or truth.
  • v. Past participle of prove
  • v. Past participle of proove

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  • Proved.

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  • Proved: an improper form, lately growing in frequency, by imitation of the Scotch use in “not proven.”

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  • adj. established beyond doubt


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From Scottish English, as past participle of preve, a Middle English variant of prove – compare woven (from weave) and cloven (from cleave), both of which feature -eve → -oven. preve died out in England, but survived in Scotland, where proven developed, initially in a legal context, as in “The jury ruled that the charges were not proven.” See usage notes for historical usage patterns.


  • The argument is in some ways similar to the one President Bush made in 2004, when he campaigned on what he described as his proven leadership in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks and said the terrorist threat called for keeping him in the job.

    Report: Hillary Campaign Plans Closing Argument Centered On National Security And The 1990s

  • Fisher said low-income 4-year-olds could be served by Smart Start, which she called a proven program. - News

  • Schweitzer, whose national profile soared following a widely praised speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, campaigned on what he called a proven record of economic successes. - Local News

  • What can be "proven" is always a different matter, but please ... it's utterly daft to think that this is just an isolated ethical "lapse" involving a dozen Interior Dept Bushies in two offices.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • No, what I've "proven" is that during the short period of lucidity, Ashcroft may have been capable of resuming his duties and over-ruling Comey -- exactly what Gonzales and Card were there for -- nonetheless, there's no evidence in the record that the legal document left its envelope or that


  • All things that are real can be or are categorized as natural, and it would follow whether what's "proven" is qualia, retrocausality, God, or otherwise.

    An Interview with Elisabet Sahtouris

  • Seldom, in American history, has the use of fear to sway public opinion in the short-term proven to serve the public interest in the long-term.

    Byron Williams: Debate on Health Care Is More About Politics Than Policy

  • We note, for the record, that at no time has your word proven to be worth the paper which we both so ceremoniously signed.


  • The biggest problem here is that bidding on (and maintaining) the top position for these keywords can use up a lot of time and money that should be invested in the terms proven to make the company money.

    Search Engine Guide : Small Business Search Marketing

  • With this experience so fresh in everyone's mind, with the certain knowledge that free market instruments such as derivatives with no long-term proven value may carry within themselves far greater risk than any benefit they could possibly generate, you would think the future of the natural world as we know it would not be in the process of becoming yet another derivative betting parlor.

    The Moderate Voice


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  • It's often useful to assume that people reading your message do not believe what you're telling them. It may not be the case for all of them but it's likely that a good proportion are skeptical. Offer proof wherever you can.

    '15 words that will make you money'

    July 23, 2009