pshchtskrekhlkhdmkhrt love



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  • Pu em kcarc elpoep uoy! My Consonant Storm list is called Alphabet Soup.

    November 22, 2007

  • Sadly, skipvia, I'm much like you in the Mxyzptlk Department.

    November 21, 2007

  • Yarb, are you all right? Do you need a lozenge?

    Dude. SOMEONE needs to make a list called Consonant Storm. I nominate Bilby.

    November 21, 2007

  • I'd love to hear someone say it. It reminds me of mxyzptlk (which, oroboros, is kltpzyxm in reverse), except that DC Comics actually published a pronunciation guide to Mr. Mxyzptlk's name. It's "mix YEZ pit lek."

    I can't remember the phone number to my lab but I can remember how to pronounce mxyzptlk. Go figure...

    November 21, 2007

  • This is one of those words that's so beautiful I just can't stop saying it.

    November 21, 2007

  • Gesundheit!

    November 21, 2007

  • What can I say? More than the last half of this word is ...-khlkhdmkhrt. Consonant storm? It's gunfire at close range.

    November 21, 2007

  • Consonant storms! Bilby, quick--trademark that phrase! :-)

    I'm wondering whether Kalbardian speakers have spelling bees.

    November 21, 2007

  • I have a feeling this is the region from which the wonderful fermented food kefir originates. Now that would at least be plurivocalic AND breakfast.

    But I have to admit, I just love consonant storms :->

    I leave you to contemplate garden beds (Italian) - aiuole!

    November 21, 2007

  • I'll bet you don't encounter too many panvocalics in Kalbardian.

    Actually, in Kalbardian, maybe that is a panvocalic...

    November 21, 2007

  • Supposedly means "He Who Loosened the Tongue of Mankind and Taught Them to Curdle Goat's Milk". In Kalbardian, a language of the Caucasus.

    Anything else I could say would stink of politics and we eschew that, don't we?

    November 21, 2007