from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Thieving.
  • n. The act or process of working and tempering clay to make it plastic and of uniform consistency, as for bricks, for pottery, etc.
  • n. Mortar or the like, laid between the joists under the boards of a floor, or within a partition, to deaden sound; -- in the United States usually called deafening.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Thieving.
  • n. The process of mixing and working clay for bricks, etc.
  • n. In architecture, any composition laid under the boards of a floor, or on partition-walls, to prevent the transmission of sound. Also called deadening or deafening.


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  • In the window is displayed a box of marbles -- glassies, commonies, and a larger browny adapted to the purpose of "pugging," by reason of the violence with which it seems to respond to the impact of your thumb.

    Journeys to Bagdad

  • St. Marys operates its own licensed landfill, and before it is stored there, Schmidt explained that it is first put through a process known as "pugging" which pellitizes the CKD so that it will not blow around.

    Custom Search

  • "pugging," and the whole thing -- trough, shaft, and knives -- is a "pug mill."

    Diggers in the Earth

  • I think you guys at Inhabitat should do a little research as to the NEW showhouse and not just shamelessly pugging the mkLotus House agian!

    ANNOUNCING: West Coast Green 2008! | Inhabitat

  • The first step of adobe blocks is pugging the clay.

    3. Innovative technologies related to the increased utilization of low-energy building materials

  • Because of the cohesive nature of soils, the pugging of clays could sometimes be a long operation.

    3. Innovative technologies related to the increased utilization of low-energy building materials

  • De-airing treatment improves plasticity and reduces lamination problems, but proper maturing and brief kneading after pugging will do the same.

    4. Plastic clay forming

  • Right away I knew he wasn't your ordinary street hook or low arm, pugging cause they don't have the sense to stick with any kind of job.

    Flux Tales of Human Futures

  • Kneading and pugging brings the clay particles into closer contact, and helps to remove air pockets.

    Chapter 8

  • The pressure tank is the most expensive part, but this cost can be reduced by using a smaller tank, which is then charged twice during one filterpress operation. pugging: The clay is then left to mature in the storage area for at least two weeks in order to improve its plasticity.

    Chapter 7


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