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  • n. For words so erroneously spelled, see quinque-.


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  • a Wikipedia page on the term "quinqui" and the one on José Luis Manzano


  • Nos enim eramus quinqui, et ipsi tres qui ducebant nos: duo ducentes bigas, et vnus iturus nobiscum vsque ad Sartach.

    The iournal of frier William de Rubruquis a French man of the order of the minorite friers, vnto the East parts of the worlde. An. Dom. 1253.

  • But the two anterior big molars of the lower jaw are seen to have each five well-marked cones, cusps or tubercles; they are quinqui-tuberculate, whilst in man the first lower molar is often quadri-tuberculate and the second even more frequently so.

    More Science From an Easy Chair

  • This is a very modest and short introduction to the life and work and times of Eloy de la Iglesia, Spanish film director known for his contribution to "quinqui cinema" in 1980s Spain.


  • After the huge success of Perros callejeros ( "Stray dogs", 1978) in 1978, a hit which spawned an amount of similar movies (including Perras callejeras ( "Stray bitches") years later), the so-called "cine quinqui" became the dominant trend in Spanish commercial cinema.


  • Then came La estanquera de Vallecas ( "The tobacconist of Vallecas", 1987), an adaptation of a play by José Luis Alonso de Santos which tells the story of a failed assault to a tobacconist; La estanquera was yet another hit in Spain, but the film marks also the beginning of the end for the career of Eloy and many others involved in the development of quinqui cinema.



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