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  • adj. Denoting a standard layout of keys on a keyboard for typing, in which the leftmost keys of the top lettered row are Q-W-E-R-T-Y.


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From the first six letters on the top row of such a keyboard.


  • No "period" on the main qwerty keyboard (sounds like a small thing, but all those extra taps add up when you're txting), and that keyboard is the one thing which isn't directionally adjustable (except in Safari) -- would be nice to have it go sideways so it can be a little larger, particularly for users with bigger fingers than mine (which fit fine on the keyboard as is).

    Boing Boing

  • A cell phone with a qwerty keyboard will make sending text messages easier as most of us are familiar with the layout of a computer keyboard which is commonly known as a qwerty keyboard layout.


  • The Bartender will tell you the password for the Underground shop, "qwerty"

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Only 3.5% of wireless phone users have full "qwerty" keyboards on their devices now, and carriers want more of their customers to send text messages and e-mail so they can collect additional fees.

    The End Of The Triple-Tap?

  • At the time, I had an older model phone that didn't have a "qwerty" or normal keyboard, so that first message was somewhat garbled. Stories

  • All keys in the 'qwerty' layout have white lettering on a colour-coded background with consonant keys in green, vowels in purple, number keys in red, symbol keys in orange and the remaining function keys and space bar in blue.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • Zone-H. Org I used the software again to hide the Introduction to this white paper, and I again used the password "qwerty".

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  • I encrypted the information with the password "qwerty" (a very weak password.)

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  • The report reveals that 50% of users rely on slang words, dictionary words, or common arrangements of numbers and letters, like "qwerty," for their passwords.

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs

  • The "qwerty" keyboard was patented by Christopher Latham Sholes under U.S. Patent #207,559 issued on August 27, 1878.

    The Moderate Voice


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  • Qwerty is a qwerty sort of word!!

    October 10, 2011

  • Refers to the first six (leftmost) letters of the uppermost letter row on a common typewriter or computer keyboard, and the typing system that uses this arrangement of keys.

    January 4, 2009

  • King Cugat (USA)-Typing Pool(Zeditave) FOALED :26/08/05

    August 4, 2008

  • For a creative use, see Walter Moers' "The 13-1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear."

    December 7, 2007