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  • n. Conversion of an optically active substance to a racemic form.

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  • n. The formation of a racemate from a pure enantiomer.

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  • n. The process of rendering racemic; the transformation of a single optically active (dextro- or levorotatory) compound into the racemic form. It involves the change of one half of the molecules of the substance into the isomeric form with opposite optical rotation.


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  • The new method uses the natural deterioration of silk's amino acids to determine its age by calculating that change over time—a process known as racemization.

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  • The root "racem" of racemization comes from a Latin word for "cluster of grapes"—some early research in chemical molecular structure involved analyzing acids derived from grape juice.

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  • The ratio of these two isomers is initially unequal (with only one exception, naturally occuring amino acids are in the L form) and will decay to a balanced state in a process called '' racemization ''.

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  • Old and Silk racemization Conservation scientists have developed a new technique to authenticate and determine the age of silk artifacts...

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  • “Partial racemization of amino acids in meteorites: Implications for their possible modes of origin.”

    First Contact

  • The sample question is the racemization rate constant of Aspartic Acid with a D/L ratio of .14 and a supposed age of 400 years.

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  • Nick really needs to help the poor schleps who decided to debate about aspartic acid racemization constants and C-14 dating.

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  • The racemization data refute confidence in C-14 data and probably lots of other stratigraphic speculations.

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  • In the second case, a chronocline spanning 15,000 to 20,000 years and expressing the transition of an extinct fossil form to the modern form found on the south coast was documented by morphometry of fossils dated by amino acid racemization and radiocarbon.

    Evolution as Feedback? - The Panda's Thumb

  • In essence, it seems that the structure of water itself is amplifying the weak force parity violation to a level that affects the relative rates racemization of left-handed and right-handed amino acids.

    Chirality of life: Another false positive? - The Panda's Thumb


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