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  • adj. full of rage, enraged

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Full of rage; expressing rage.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Full of rage; furious.


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rage +‎ -ful


  • Then Jamrkan cried out with so mighty a cry, that the whole field made reply and heard it the armies twain, and ran at Kurajan with a heart in rageful pain, improvising these couplets,

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • His father would react in a manner Glass described as "rageful, stomping around, screaming and yelling."

  • I don’t know whether you’ll find it traumatic, but reading accounts like these, of people abused and maltreated at the hands of physicians and systems who don’t understand them and would rather study them than help them — well, it makes me rather rageful, which is manifesting itself in an upset stomach.

    i kinda feel like it needs a warning « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • Like an unacknowledged friend, the mouthiest part of the root, the vagina, feels unappreciated and rageful—particularly when she observes a woman selling herself short.

    Wild Feminine

  • That night, when my drunken master ran into the kitchen with a rageful look on his face, my mistress turned in surprise.

    Peeling Onions

  • You recognize it as some kind of inchoate shame which makes you rageful, or you're not able to put the sequence of things together: this happened to me, and I feel bad about it, and the way I'm feeling has a name, and other people feel that way, and I'm okay for feeling it.

    A Conversation with Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson

  • It's a slippery slope from feelings of impotence to rageful actions, especially when a mental illness is present.

    Mark Goulston, M.D.: Learning From Loughner: How To Calm An Angry Person

  • So for all our brothers and sisters everywhere who share the incarnate knowledge of what hatred can do, what rageful reactivity can occasion: this song for all who would rebuild a New City - a Beloved CIty - to house a New Humanity.

    Kathleen Deignan: Decade 9.11: A Prayer

  • There are a number of viewers who are rageful against the film, but I feel like they're doing the movie a disservice.

    " watch you shake and shout it out..."

  • Moments like these scare me the most because you begin to realize that even the best people turn into rageful monsters the moment they fasten a seatbelt; they have no problem cursing at, assaulting, or judging others based only on a poorly-timed lane change or a slow pickup to a green light.

    Leonora Epstein: Driver's Education


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