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  • n. The chemical symbol of rubidium.

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  • n. a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali metal group; burns in air and reacts violently in water; occurs in carnallite and lepidolite and pollucite


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  • Borrowing money from the Chinese will only create more debt, union pay offs and prolong the pain rb

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  • I agree with you about the need for a 2nd rb, which is why I wanted Chester Taylor, but another high 1st rounder on one?

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  • Probably the most im - portant is a controller corresponding to our controller name, app/controllers/site controller. rb, which is a Ruby file (hence the. rb filename extension).

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  • While running the MobiDeDRM script I get the following error: data_file = file (infile, 'rb'). read ()


  • File "lib\erdr2pml. py", line 323, in __init__ self. contents = file (filename, 'rb'). read ()


  • Optional (for building lib / gettext / rmsgfmt. rb which is included in all released package)


  • JRUBY-3234 Difference in require behaviour with MRI with ". rb" suffix

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  • Especially, the flats because I'm tired of throwing to my 'rb' or 'wr' in the flats, and not knowing that the cornerback stayed in the flat playing zone and he picks the ball off.

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  • File. open 'image. jpeg', 'rb' do | fp | mg. store_file 'my_image', 'image', fp end #

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  • Utils. parsedate (date_string) 'rb') msg = email. message_from_file (f) hops = msg. get_all (

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  • Rb. Chemical element for Rubidium.

    December 2, 2007