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  • Having red wings, or red on the wings.


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  • The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission issued separate news releases on the Dec. 29 fish kill and the New Year's Eve event in which red-winged blackbirds began raining down, evoking images of the apocalypse.

    Mysterious Bird Deaths In Arkansas Solved?

  • Chickadees, grey-crowned rosy-finches, ravens, bald eagles, goldeneyes and a few red-winged blackbirds, a pair of blue-winged teal and a solitary rough-legged hawk were livening up the wind.

    Bird Cloud

  • And, as I knew they would, the red-winged blackbirds took over the bird feeder.

    Bird Cloud

  • The red-winged blackbirds divided up, the males at the feeders eating seeds, the females at the woodpecker picnic getting the suet as well as the seeds—building up strength for egg laying?

    Bird Cloud

  • In a distant tree branch, a fiddler plays, while hovering above and embracing the newlyweds is the red-winged figure of Ida, their little daughter, born in 1916.

    Elizabeth Abbott: Eternal Happiness In A Wedding Dress

  • Even amongst the most fervent red-winged elite, no one likes a wanna-be, especially one with a husband in tow that seems, well, less fully masculine than those heartland voters would want to see in a potential First Dude.

    Shan Wells: Buh-Bye Pizza Guy

  • APHIS even uses caged red-winged blackbirds to decoy wild ones says Audubon magazine and "pre-baits" an area with unpoisoned food to get birds in the habit of eating.

    Martha Rosenberg: Who Would Kill Blackbirds Intentionally?

  • There were rabbits and red-winged blackbirds and the dog roses have begun to bloom, pink and white.

    "Wild Leaves" (for Robert Mapplethorpe)

  • There were birds everywhere, especially back in the dog roses behind the dunes: catbirds, wrens, red-winged blackbirds, robins, mockingbirds, gulls, cormorants.

    "The tides will come and go, witnessed by no waking eye."

  • It was actually composed of both red-winged blackbirds and European starlings, which commonly roost together.

    Fireworks likely cause of massive Ark. bird kill


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