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  • Generally on undock the player can not be targetted for perhaps ten seconds, and this gives the player time to either plot a speedy get away, or under unenviable odds, redock and wait out the camp.

    The Lifetime to Master

  • The most reasonable plan, NASA officials decided in a meeting at Johnson Spaceflight Center, is for the Soyuz to undock, swing around the ISS so that the crew within can snap a photo, and then redock, requiring a dual-docking procedure to fit both the Soyuz and Discovery.

    Wired Top Stories

  • TfL scrapped the first day's charges for everyone because some riders failed to redock the bikes properly and accidentally clocked up huge rental charges.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • When I play a podcast on iTunes that is also on the Shuffle, the play position does remain synced when I eject, play on the Shuffle, and redock.

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • When you want to redock one of the panes, drag it slowly by the title bar towards the left or right side of the editing window and release it when the rectangle outlined in gray appears.

    Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

  • A friendly Q&A session with Journey is set for Thursday afternoon, but they’re not playing until Friday night, hours before we redock in Florida.

    Chuck Klosterman on Rock

  • First they undocked from the aft port of the Russian built Zvezda service command module and then maneuvered the capsule over to redock at the Poisk module, which is russia’s newest pressurized module and which is connected to Zvezdas zenith, space facing port.

    Endeavour aiming for on time launch with coolant hose fix ahead of schedule | Universe Today


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  • Yay, a new word.

    not listed in wordnik, not listed at wictionary or merriam-webster dot com , or even urbandictionary at this point.

    I claim this word for Canada, Canadianism, and all things Timbit.

    1909 Canadian act of Parliament

    Acts of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada - Volumes 1-2 - Page cxxvi

    Canada - 1909 - Snippet view - More editions

    Should the repairs on a vessel thus obliged to vacate the dock not be fully completed and it be necessary to redock it, — for such redocking the vessel will be liable only for the regular lay day charge, plus $50.00 for pumping out the dock,

    1962 NASA uses this term for reconnecting 2 spacecraft.

    NASA SP. - Page 215

    1962 - Snippet view

    Earthrise over the lunar horizon (NASA ASlS-12019187). While flight controllers evaluated the problem, the CSM maneuvered into a stationkeeping situation with the LM and prepared either to redock or continue the mission.

    Computer usage

    A dock in a GUI refers to a section of the interface where shortcuts to frequently used applications can have their icons. So an icon would attach itself to the 'dock'

    Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 deluxe learning edition - Volume 2 - Page 38

    Chuck Sphar, Beck Zaratian - 1999 - Snippet view - More editions

    Drag the window by its knurls to redock it to a different side of the main window.

    Docks were also used in Mac and Linux GUI's.


    Citibike uses the term redock for returning your Citibike to a station.

    "Redock the bike firmly to ensure it is secure and that your trip is closed"

    removing a bike is undocking it

    "Annual members can use their key to undock a bike at any docking point, no need to use the kiosk"

    July 16, 2013