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  • adj. Able to be refunded or swapped in case of customer dissatisfaction, loss, breakage etc.


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refund +‎ -able


  • Stall-holders have been known to share some stalls with other groups due to extortionate Eisteddfod rates, but if this is the case here, how come it's refundable from the taxpayer?

    Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to...Brussels

  • A tax credit reduces any tax you owe dollar for dollar, and some credits are even "refundable"--meaning you can get money back even if you didn't pay any taxes.

    When To File Your First Tax Return

  • That's why the industry has been asking for Congress to make the PTC "refundable" -- payable even to firms without any tax liability.

    Energy Outlook

  • Nontaxpayers, too: The law makes 40 percent of the credit "refundable" - meaning even students or their parents who owe no tax can still get up to $1,000 of the credit for each eligible student as cash back. credit can be claimed for qualified expenses paid for any of the first four years of post-secondary education.


  • The right wing has somehow gotten the idea out there that payroll taxes aren’t really taxes (or something) and that, therefore, making tax credits refundable is some kind of cheating.

    Matthew Yglesias » Obama SOTU Plan Includes Non-Refundable Child Tax Credit Expansion

  • It's called a refundable credit because workers can get it even if they don't owe any tax.

    A Smaller Tax Bite for Many Employees

  • The best way to do this would be through a so-called refundable tax credit deposited directly into a special investment account for each taxpayer. » Prolonged stimulation

  • You know, under the tax bill that originally passed in the Senate, virtually all low income families would have benefited from that increase in the child tax credit, but in last minute negotiations with the House, that was eliminated, the so-called refundable child tax credit, prompting outrage and outcry from Democrats, who said this was yet more proof that the tax bill was simply something to benefit the rich.

    CNN Transcript Jun 3, 2003

  • Defenders also assert that some so-called refundable tax credits, particularly the earned income tax credit, are designed to encourage work.

    Jihad Monitor

  • A large part of this group receives tax welfare technically known as refundable tax credits.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local


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