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  • adv. In a regretful manner, with regret.
  • adv. Unfortunately, in a manner inspiring or deserving regret; used only as a sentence adverb (to introduce and modify an entire sentence).

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  • With regret.

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  • adv. with regret (used in polite formulas)


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regretful +‎ -ly


  • MR. JACKMAN: As a substitute for our President, who regretfully is absent in Chicago, I was given a biographical summary of our guest speaker today.

    One Bite At A Time

  • He fingered the coin regretfully and laid it on the counter with

    Skippy Bedelle His Sentimental Progress From the Urchin to the Complete Man of the World

  • It's obvious that you continue to come here for some sort of validation; regretfully, that is something that I'm no longer willing to offer you.

    In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demand ABC Yank Film

  • [265] "Puseyism" was unknown in the days when this drawing was made; but the kindly and helpful influences of what may be called ecclesiastical sentiment, which, in a morbidly exaggerated condition, forms one of the principal elements of "Puseyism," -- I use this word regretfully, no other existing which will serve for it, -- had been known and felt in our wild northern districts long before.

    The Crown of Wild Olive also Munera Pulveris; Pre-Raphaelitism; Aratra Pentelici; The Ethics of the Dust; Fiction, Fair and Foul; The Elements of Drawing

  • He has also "regretfully" had to accept those of the ministers of defence, Mosiuoa Lekota; intelligence, Ronnie Kasrils; correctional services, Ngconde Balfour; public enterprises, Alec Erwin; science and technology, Mosibudi Mangena; public works, Thoko Didiza; provincial and local government, Sydney Mufamadi; and public service and administration, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • I remain open to receiving further information, but at this point I must regretfully conclude that there was no substance to the original message--"regretfully," because there is a sufficiency of well-founded instances of police brutality against Native people, whose word is not always given the credibility it deserves.

    Alleged attack on Native grandmothers by OPP

  • I always look at the 'regretfully' as a polite, goodwill kindof thing.

    Regretfully, This Means Nothing

  • Gavin Woods (IFP) said his party would also "regretfully" not be able to support it as they had not received all the necessary documentation in time to make an informed judgement.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • The Japanese Commandant had "regretfully" cut the camp's rations due to "bad harvests," so even the tiny desperation stocks of the units had gone.

    King Rat

  • But, "regretfully," it's never been anything more than talk.

    Love at Paddington


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