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  • v. To find a new home for (especially of pets).


re- +‎ home (Wiktionary)


  • Don't tell the Craigslist poster who was looking to "rehome" a recently hatched emu that there are ostrich burger seekers out there in Balteemore!

    Blog updates

  • But finding him an appropriate home -- the last stage in our "rescue, rehab, rehome" mission -- seemed to take forever.

    Gary Weitzman, DVM: Encore's Long Road to Recovery

  • For animal lovers who are active in organizations that rescue, care for and rehome abandoned pets, it's a way of life they aren't willing to sacrifice.

    Dr. Karen Becker: Would You Choose Your Pet Over Your Partner?

  • They pick up a particular breed or just cute dogs from the local shelters, spend some money out of pocket to get them fixed up, and then "rehome" them -- rescue-speak for sell them -- at adoption fairs outside the drugstore on Sundays.

    Ann Brenoff: Don't Judge a Rescuer By Her Collar

  • After the tears and the hassle of keeping her away from Pete for the time it took rehome her, it was such a pleasant relief to only have one dog.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Conscientious breeders of PWDs don't let any of their dogs go to the pound -- they will take them back and rehome them for life.

    Bo, the Portuguese water dog.

  • "Conscientious breeders of PWDs don't let any of their dogs go to the pound -- they will take them back and rehome them for life."

    Bo, the Portuguese water dog.

  • That means no new pet (had to rehome the cat when we moved to England), no driver's License , and she has to take French III (3 years, required here).

    A Lot Can Change In 36 Hours - SpouseBUZZ

  • Currently we are working with the Missouri Humane Society to help them rehabilitate and rehome some of the 500+ dogs that were resecued from neglect and fighting situations in the biggest raid in U.S. history in MO, OK, and a couple other states.

    Catchin' the Spirit

  • If you return Shem to the breeder, will he try to rehome him?

    Acute Dog Issues: a biting dog « The Life and Times of Organic Mama


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  • I have a friend who volunteers for a no-kill shelter and tells me about trying to find forever homes for dogs rescued from puppy mills.

    September 19, 2010

  • (verb) the act of finding a new home for an abandoned or otherwise unwanted pet, say, a kitten. "The kittens were so cute that all of them were rehomed within an hour of arriving." (This, from my local paper – what DO they teach them in sub-editor school?)

    October 16, 2008