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  • noun A field on which rice is grown.


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  • Leaders dubbed China's top rice-field capitalists wanyuanhu, or ten-thousand-yuan households.

    Continental Divide

  • Finding my own footsteps in the deep dust, I got back to a pathway with a monstrous bamboo hedge on one side, and a rice-field on the other, in which was a slimy looking pond with a margin of pink water-lilies, in which a number of pink buffaloes of large size were wallowing with much noise and rough play, plastering their sensitive hides with mud as a protection against mosquitoes.

    The Golden Chersonese and the way thither

  • Walking out to a small hill near the village, cultivated as a rice-field, I had a fine view of the country, which was becoming quite hilly, and towards the south, mountainous.

    The Malay Archipelago

  • ‘Beside Such-zen, this is flatter than a rice-field’; and with steady, driving strokes from the loins he strode upwards.


  • The rice-field breeding mosquitoes, Culex tritaeniorhynchus,

    1. Target audience, objectives, scope and structure

  • In a number of Madagascar's rural areas, farmers have discovered for themselves vetiver's effectiveness for stabilizing dams, rice-field bunds, and irrigation works, as well as for protecting roads that can flood and wash out.

    2 Case Studies

  • Acres of palmetto trees shook their long fingers in the wind; miles of canebrake nodded their tall heads to the sun, while here and there, a broad expanse of rice-field showed where busy hands had gathered the grain; and myriads of songsters filled the air with music.

    Bond and Free: A Tale of the South

  • He squatted in the shallow rice-field, his khaki shorts resting in three inches of mud.

    Chapter 8

  • Its success depends on motivating people to grow wood on fringe areas, including their yards, dry fields, and rice-field dikes, while protecting the forest plantation itself.

    2 Calliandra and Java's Greening Movement

  • As the helicopter skims the tree-tops, and its machine guns lower into position, you can study the fires more closely, and it is possible to distinguish a rice-field burned over by peasants from neat bombing targets emitting spirals of smoke.

    Report from Vietnam II: The Problems of Success


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