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  • n. The state or quality of being rightful.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The quality or state of being rightful; accordance with right and justice.
  • n. Moral rectitude; righteousness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Righteousness.
  • n. The character or state of being rightful; justice; accordance with the rules of right: as, the rightfulness of a claim to lands or tenements.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. anything in accord with principles of justice


rightful +‎ -ness (Wiktionary)


  • It's the economic system based on property ownership that's the problem and that's because the "rightfulness" of ownership can only be maintained by violence and propaganda. by

    Slay That Green Dragon

  • A clause by which Cecil thought he had secured "the kernel" for England, and left the shell to France, a clause recognising the "rightfulness" of Elizabeth's alliance with the rebels, afforded Mary Stuart ground, or excuse, for never ratifying the treaty.

    John Knox and the Reformation

  • March 2nd, 2009 at 7: 50 pm antisera apart appropriation bankrupts begin byword counterparts coupler cranes devotedly Egyptian ellipse elm Epicurean Kidde miscarriage pixel rightfulness Samuels shutout Sonora substrate toughness buy generic viagraC/a absenteeism countess curious founts gab perusers playhouse prototypically summation.

    Matthew Yglesias » Nelson, Collins Slash Education Funding in Stimulus While Touting Stimulus’ Boost to Education

  • I hope there will be rightfulness in our next elections, I hope that Iraq finds and elects the honest person who cares about his people and his country first.

    Iraq: BlogIraq is Dead

  • Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mati (ph) and grant him good health and victory, and make his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness.

    CNN Transcript Sep 23, 2008

  • William the Bastard failed not to render his cause legitimate and sacred, by obtaining in confirmation of the rightfulness of his claim, a decree of Pope Alexander II. issued without the opposite party having obtained a hearing, and simply in virtue of the words,

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • When the League of Nations entrusted Britain with the Mandate for Palestine in 1922, it expressly recognized "the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine" and the rightfulness of "reconstituting their national home in that country."

    Double standards or double think? (part 2)

  • Since Paul considers the U.S. Constitution entirely analogous to such an Agency Agreement, with the people of the United States as the relevant principals, it seems clear that he could quite coherently deny the rightfulness of any war that did not involve BOTH (1) jus ad bellum/jus in bello AND (2) a formal declaration of war pursuant to the Constitution.

    A Higher Law than the Constitution

  • MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, IRANIAN PRESIDENT (through translator): In the name of God, the compassionate and the merciful, oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness.

    CNN Transcript Sep 25, 2007

  • AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Oh god, hasten the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory, and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness.

    CNN Transcript Sep 24, 2007


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