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  • n. Plural form of roller.


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  • With N rods inhibited, the force required to push the track past the rollers is given in the diagram above.

    Rod logic drive « The Half-Baked Maker

  • The message constantly pounded into the heads of the less bright holy rollers is that God rewards the virtuous with wealth and power.

    Think Progress » REPORT: How Conservative And Progressive State Governments Are Dealing With Their Budget Crises

  • She's blown air-kisses to the crowd, waved at women in rollers who have come running, screaming, from beauty parlors, and stood quietly looking out over the landscape.

    Clinton in Puerto Rico: Caravan rolls on

  • Delicate silk was processed on porcelain rollers to create fine, uneven pleats, one of his many innovations.

    Fortuny’s “Delphos” Gown | Edwardian Promenade

  • And then setting their hair in rollers or braiding it or putting pretty ribbons in their hair.

    Mood Lifters

  • What curious things I've seen along the way: Faye Dunaway in rollers waiting for cash at a poky ATM; Catherine Zeta-Jones exchanging what looks to be insurance information with a Volvo driver come afoul of her supertanker SUV; Maria Shriver stepping smartly out of mass while her husband trots behind her.

    The Tabloid Habit

  • Outside the ocean stretched unbroken to the horizon, almost under foot it broke in rollers over the rocks after a storm, or swished in and out of deep gulleys on quiet days.

    Runner of the Mountain Tops: The Life of Louis Agassiz

  • Channel rollers from the boat in which he had Nejmi and his man Marco.

    Spice and the Devil's Cave

  • On this beach there was not even a ripple, because of the deep calm which prevailed but on the ring or coral-reef, which completely encircled the island, those great "rollers" -- which appear never to go down even in calm -- fell from time to time with a long, solemn roar, and left an outer ring of milk-white foam.

    Jarwin and Cuffy

  • Working under lights, with the hair spray and the rollers is the worst thing you can do for your hair, so I always decided to wear wigs from the beginning.

    CNN Transcript Sep 15, 2006


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  • a set of rollers used by cyclists for training indoors. the bike sits on a pair of back rollers which are mechanically linked to the front roller which lets a cyclist spin wheels indoors.

    January 12, 2013