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  • Having rosy fingers: Homer's favorite epithet of the dawn, ῤοδοδάκτυλος, )Ηώς.


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  • Touched by the rosy-fingered dawn, we can sit together in beauty, in peace and quiet, in calm communion with the sweet pink spirits that surround us always.

    Donna Henes: Blessings of the Pink Moon

  • At least when referring to Homeric epics -- ox-eyed Hera, rosy-fingered dawn, and the like.

    mrissa: Also

  • I wanted a fancier word than "epithet" for rosy-fingered Aurora and ox-eyed Hera, but I think that's just me.

    mrissa: Also

  • I hope smarter people than me are busy figuring this out here in the rosy-fingered dawn of multimedia storytelling.

    Michael Conniff: Con Games: On Writing The Post-Papyrus Novel

  • Crowds flocked to claim a seat while it was still dark, so that as rosy-fingered dawn appeared in the eastern sky that summer morning, a multitude was waiting for the king.

    Alexander the Great

  • Her fellow celebrants comprise a married couple, the rosy-fingered Dawn and her feckless Irish husband Mick, and the rather sad Len, a building-site worker lately abandoned by his wife.

    Ecstasy - review

  • Imagine a goddess, joining her lover at night, then rising from her rosy-fingered bed at dawn, putting on eternally unruffled robes of splendor, taking up her silver bow, the quiver, and gracefully gliding into the day.

    Plaisir d'Amour

  • "The rosy-fingered sunset slipped into the dark glove of night."

    Archive 2010-01-03

  • Surely if Bernard had any grace he would excuse himself and let Enrique journey with Margaret to Sheridan Square as rosy-fingered dawn crept into lower Manhattan, casting Enrique, he hoped, in a romantic light.

    A Happy Marriage

  • The first he called 'formulas': "rosy-fingered dawn," "the wine-dark sea," certain set phrases had long been known of in Homer and other oral epics.

    Archive 2009-08-01


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