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  • CallableStatement cStmt = connect. prepareCall ( "{call ReadUserbyPK (?)}"); cStmt. setString ( "inUserID", inUserID); boolean hadResults = cStmt. execute (); while (hadResults) rs = cStmt. getResultSet (); logger. debug ( "Got result set row:" +rs. getRow ()); hadResults = cStmt. getMoreResults ();


  • rs is short form of Rupees which usually noted as Rs. inr (INR) is a banking or financial abbreviation of Indian Rupees.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • Plentyo­­ffis­h­ s­ays­ L­ist­e­ning­ t­o­­ use­rs is ba­d.

    Listening to users is bad… « The Paradigm Shift

  • WordPress has a very large community behind it, from the actual developers, to theme makers, to various plug-in coders, and the many writers that depend on it for content release.

    WordPress 2.8 features survey

  • They bring in coders and translators, and they have an interest in these files being distributed under their name.

    Big Music’s next target: Israel

  • CORE offers animators complete creative freedom, and a completely open environment for scripters and plug-in coders to explore.


  • I found it surprising that the situation why people cannot remain coders in India is almost the same as why people want to become entrepreneurs!

    Swaroop C H - India, Technology, Life Skills

  • After Mozilla its now chrome to which developers and plugin coders are looking forward to give it a new look and finding new ways to do new and exciting things within, as there are many active forums dedicated for chrome now.


  • Every piece of SQL is in coders hands before execution. News

  • Mars said the claim was intended to be a factual statement about the number of calories in Maltesers and not to suggest the product was low in energy.



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  • These happen to be my initials. Why am I tagged stiffness?

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