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  • n. The security given by authority of a government to a stranger for his quietly coming into and passing out of the territories over which said government has jurisdiction or control.


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  • There is much bustle and preparation; the travellers are welcomed with monkish hospitality; Christopher, we may be sure, goes and hears the convent singing Compline, and offers up devout prayers for a quiet night and for safe conduct through this vale of tears; and goes thankfully to bed with the plainsong echoing in his ears, and some stoic sense that all days, however hard, have an evening, and all journeys an end.

    Christopher Columbus

  • Already the passport and safe conduct for Mary's journey into England had been received, and Bastian Pages, the revels-master, had written and produced the masque to be performed: the punishment of Raise Report and Discord by Jupiter at the request of Prudence and Temperance.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • He stinted not pushing her and hurrying her on till he came near the Moslem and said, “I am an ambassador to you all, and an ambassador hath naught to do save to deliver; so give me safe conduct and permit of speech, that I communicate to you my message.”

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • It affords a convincing proof of the difficulties that St. Patrick had to overcome, that though full liberty to preach the Faith throughout Erin was granted by the monarch of Leoghaire, nevertheless, in order to procure a safe conduct through the intervening territories whilst proceeding towards

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • Cistercian, and other monks, at Scattery Island in the Shannon to be deported under safe conduct in a man-of-war, were cast overboard at sea.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent

  • All you need to do is to arrange safe conduct for them through mutie country.

    Destiny Narrowly Avoided

  • His opinions were favorably entertained in the palace and the city; the influence of Theodora assured him a safe conduct and honorable dismission; and he ended his days, though not on the throne, yet in the bosom, of his native country.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Unless a safe conduct were granted which it had not been ships were subject to attack off the straits of Dover, Yarmouth, and Holy Island all the way up to Scotland, and would have no shelter if rough weather hit them anywhere along the six-hundred-mile journey.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles


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