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  • Prominent, as a vein of the leg.
  • Of or pertaining to a saphenous nerve or vein.
  • noun A saphenous vein or nerve; a saphena: as, the long saphenous; the short saphenous.

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  • adjective Manifest; -- applied to the two principal superficial veins of the lower limb of man.
  • adjective Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the saphenous veins.

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  • adjective anatomy Relating to, or situated near, the saphenous vein.


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From Arabic صافن (ṣāfin, "the saphenous veins of the leg"), from Ancient Greek σαφηνής (saphēnēs, "plain, visible"), from σα- (sa-) an intensive prefix + φαίνεσθαι (phainesthai, "to show, appear").


  • Laser Procedures Studies have shown that minimally invasive endovenous laser procedures that use local anesthesia are highly effective for removing the so-called saphenous veins — a large one that runs from the foot to the thigh and a smaller one up the back of the leg behind the knee — and have a high rate of success over time.

    Circulation Solutions

  • The so-called saphenous opening, therefore, is naturally masked by the superficial fascia; and this membrane being here perforated for the passage of the saphena vein, and its tributary branches, as also the efferent vessels of the lymphatic glands, is termed "cribriform."

    Surgical Anatomy

  • From the foregoing remarks it will appear that no such aperture as that which is named "saphenous," and described as being shaped in the manner of L h, Pl. 28, with its "upper and lower cornua," and its "falciform process," or edge, h, exists naturally.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • It appeared to the doctor that shrapnel had lacerated the skippers greater saphenous vein, a large vein located just beneath the skin that runs the length of the leg and thigh.

    The Attack on the Liberty

  • Typically, the procedure completely seals the great saphenous vein, a large vein that runs down the inside of the leg.

    Lasers to Zap the Pain

  • After ligation of the right coronary artery, bypass grafting with a saphenous vein was performed.


  • In Alabama, officials at one point said they would execute an inmate who had compromised veins by placing an IV in the saphenous vein in his arm; that vein is actually in the leg.

    The Amateur’s Guide to Lethal Injection « Gerry Canavan

  • After ligation of the right coronary artery, bypass grafting with a saphenous vein was performed.

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • And then we can take veins, the saphenous veins, from the thigh, which are about the right size, and you can do without those.

    CNN Transcript - Larry King Live Weekend: How to Keep Your Heart Healthy - March 17, 2001

  • One of the surgical assistants will then remove either the saphenous vein from your leg or your mammary artery to begin the graft.

    Healing the Female Heart


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