from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A machine used to divest cotton of its husk and other superfluous parts. See cotton-gin.


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  • I'm here for gin, to be honest.

    December 17, 2018

  • Do you know, I think gin is what led me to this old wordie site in the first place. See, I'd been at a pesto-making party with a bunch of former English professors, and they were trying to figure out the etymology for cotton gin. The hosts had a compact edition of the OED, but it's so hard to read those entries--even with the magnifying glass--so I was looking it up for them on my phone. It was probably yarb's comments on gin that made me think I wanted to read more here. But I forgot about the site for a while. Eventually I got fascinated by something else--peacock mantis shrimp probably--and someone over on Twitter who followed wordie and wordnik reminded me this place existed. When I came back, I found bilby's animal-identity-crisis list, &c., and the rest, as they say, was history.

    December 17, 2018

  • Also, I was just scrolling past this word again and read it as "slaw-gin" (like sloe gin, maybe).

    December 17, 2018